About Trip

Welcome to the studio of Bennett + Associates. It is my hope an image of my work inspires you to explore the possibility of working together to design your home. To protect the privacy of my clientele and protect the design work that we have created together, I have limited the number of images shown on this site.


“There is elegance in simplicity”.

I study, respect, and admire all forms of architecture. My basic design philosophy is that this is the owners’ home and should reflect their style, their dreams, their personality, not that of their Architect. It is always the owners’ preference of style or vernacular that we develop together.  


Successful design of interior begins and ends with scale and proportion. Without these two primary tenets reconciled, there is no material, finish, paint color, detail, or otherwise that can make the space feel complete and whole.


Preservation is more than saving an old building, it tells a story. Historic preservation of a place, forever safeguards the unique character of its people that gives a community its personality.

Herbert Palmer Original Architect circa 1925

Thomas Shephard Original Architect and His Residence

Carlton Winslow Original Architect circa 1915

Thomas Shephard Original Architect circa 1931

Washington School House circa 1889